Our Vision

Message from the CEO, Chris Wellings

Our vision is not the result of sudden inspiration but the culmination of years of extraordinary product development.

Since 1996, CTC have specialised in IT support and website design, with the emphasis moving increasingly into website development, search engine optimisation and website support. By 2004, CTC had expanded our team significantly, with a dedicated website development team.

The evolution of our vision began with two questions:

  • Can a website be generically specified? (in 2004, our answer to this question was a definitive 'no')


  • Is it possible to build a website replication system to automate the delivery of customer websites, speeding up delivery and reducing costs?

We built our first website replication system in 2007. During the course of the next two years we solved many of the issues of replication. Now after five continuous years of development, we  have a product which creates websites at the click of a mouse and which by its very flexible nature is fully generic as well. In other words, by solving the replication problem we have now solved the more elusive issue of applying a generic model to the website production process.

But we still had to take that development work and make it into a product and with a revolutionary price tag. We are proud to say that we have done just that...

This is where the dream has started to become a real vision.

We now have an extraordinarily powerful offering that can build an entry-level core website in minutes and at a fraction of the cost hitherto involved.

Our vision therefore is to grow the CTC-aspire brand beyond the UK and to make the CTC-Aspire Group a leading player in the global web market.

Our strategy is to aim high and achieve the goal. Our offerings are very compelling. Our exclusive range of website development and support options - from entry level personal websites to corporate websites - will take us to 5% of the UK market and 1% of the global market within 5 years.

Cloud-based Data Backup

How often do you backup your computers? Worried that your information is not safe?

Easy set up and competitive pricing... using the latest encryption technology.

Resellers Wanted

CTC-Aspire (UK) Ltd is seeking reseller channel partners to promote the CTC-aspire software platform throughout the UK and internationally.

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