Product Development

CTC-aspire makes a full commitment to ongoing product development and the future enhancement and evolution of our website products.

The CTC-aspire product range is the culmination of more than five years of continuous website development, with a dedicated team of IT professionals, who specify, test and deploy our leading-edge technological solutions.

We have a rolling, two-year development plan that allows us to prioritise and allocate resources for our website projects. This plan takes into account:

  • Planning for future growth on our servers, with full scalability and redundancy of data.
  • Security of customer information and end-user data.
  • A wish list of future enhancements to our software and value added modules that we plan to develop.
  • Detailed specifications of all software requirements, ready to be passed to and implemented by the development team.

Our dedicated Research and Development Team also develops prototypes for 'new ideas', pushing the boundaries of our product development to the highest limits.

The great news for our customers is that the majority of these planned enhancements to the system are provided free of charge within the standard annual licence fee. Because our system is cloud-based, once a specific enhancement has been made to the system, it becomes immediately available to all our clients simultaneously, without the need to upgrade your software version.

Of course, our system is fully scalable and suitable for all budgets, meaning you can start with a system that suits you now, in the full knowledge that you can upgrade to a more powerful product edition later on.

Cloud-based Data Backup

How often do you backup your computers? Worried that your information is not safe?

Easy set up and competitive pricing... using the latest encryption technology.

Resellers Wanted

CTC-Aspire (UK) Ltd is seeking reseller channel partners to promote the CTC-aspire software platform throughout the UK and internationally.

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