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Since April 21, Google has started taking into account the user experience of a website when it is viewed on a mobile. This means your website pages might not show up in the search results to a user who is searching for information on a mobie device.

Google's New Update About Mobile Friendly Websites - Take the Mobile-Friendly Test.

How quickly can you make a website live?

We were asked today to set up a holding page for the Henley Autumn Jazz festival that is being organised by The Henley Partnership as part of Henley as a Winter Destination.

A guide on how to use @Font-Face

Since my last article on “A List of 36 Web Safe fonts” times have changed.

@Font-Face is the way forward! @Font-Face allows you to implement any font style onto your website. (Just as long as you have a license for that font!)

It is very easy to use @Font-Face!

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