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A guide on how to use @Font-Face

Since my last article on “A List of 36 Web Safe fonts” times have changed.

@Font-Face is the way forward! @Font-Face allows you to implement any font style onto your website. (Just as long as you have a license for that font!)

It is very easy to use @Font-Face!

How to get the most out of your website

The Henley Partnership is running free workshops to help boost trade and tourism in Henley. The free workshops will take place throughout October and November.

CTC-aspire will be presenting at one of the workshops on the 16th October 2012 at Leander Club from 6pm - 8pm - on the topic of How to get the most out of your website.

The best SEO steps to dominating search engine rankings

There are three major SEO steps to take to dominating search engine rankings.

  1. Build a targeted keywords list – produce a list of relevant keywords and insert them cleverly into your webpages content.
  2. Search-friendly site – build your website with original content, indexable pages and use sitemaps so Google can index all your pages quickly and use Meta Data to help Google index your pages for the right keywords.
  3. Link Build – Build relevant incoming links, using your keywords as the link text.
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Cloud-based Data Backup

How often do you backup your computers? Worried that your information is not safe?

Easy set up and competitive pricing... using the latest encryption technology.

Resellers Wanted

CTC-Aspire (UK) Ltd is seeking reseller channel partners to promote the CTC-aspire software platform throughout the UK and internationally.

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